Monthly Goals – August 2017

I've never really liked August. It's the end of summer when you're having to think about going back to school and doing all the work that you have been putting off all summer. You're already sunburnt and sick of ice cream and the pool. You're ready to start wrapping up warmer again and embrace Fall,… Continue reading Monthly Goals – August 2017


Monthly Goals Review – July 2017

I cannot believe that we are at the end of July already! It seems like only yesterday we were in May, let alone July! This past month had been rather hectic for me as I have had Placement four days a week and then I work two days a week so I have only had… Continue reading Monthly Goals Review – July 2017

Being a Capricorn

It is believed that the position of the Earth when you're born, influences your personality. There are common characteristics associated with being born at a certain time that everyone born within that time period seems to share. I personally do not take Zodiac Signs seriously but I thought it would be interesting to see how… Continue reading Being a Capricorn