A Weekend In My Life • Durham

On the 11th November 2017, my best friend Grace and I boarded a train at 7.59am, armed with Starbucks and snacks, to Durham, to visit our best friend Anna at her University. I had been to Durham before but Grace had never so I was excited to go see all the sights again, since it… Continue reading A Weekend In My Life • Durham


Best Friend vs Best Friend Challenge

All over YouTube I have seen this challenge where usually a combination of significant other, best friend or sibling is put head to head to see who truly knows the person better. Today I decided to put my two best friends head to head to see who truly knows me better. I have known Anna… Continue reading Best Friend vs Best Friend Challenge

Blogger Recognition Award – November 2017

Thank you so much to Jamie for the nomination! She has just recently celebrated 2 years of blogging so go give her a follow and congratulate her. Rules:  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. • Write a post to show your award. • Give a brief story… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award – November 2017

Adulting 101 – Periods

One of my favourite YouTubers at the moment is Kalyn Nicholson who is a lifestyle YouTuber that has a series titled 'How to Adult 101' in which she addresses various topics associated with becoming an adult. This got me thinking about how little I actually know about being an adult and so I thought it… Continue reading Adulting 101 – Periods