2017 In Review

One of my favourite types of videos to watch are Year in Review videos where someone recaps their year using footage obtained from throughout the year. Morgan Yates is one of these YouTubers who not only does Year In Review videos where she includes a second of footage from each day throughout the year, but… Continue reading 2017 In Review


My Favourite Vlogmas and Blogmas 2017

First of all, Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you have all had an incredible December so far and feel prepared for the big day tomorrow. Since tomorrow is Christmas Day, I decided to upload this post a day earlier. As tomorrow marks the official last day of Vlogmas and Blogmas, I thought I would list… Continue reading My Favourite Vlogmas and Blogmas 2017

Beautycon London 2017

Last December, my best friend Grace and I attended our first ever Beautycon. For those of you who don't know, Beautycon is a one day event that brings together content creators, celebrities, fans and brands, all united by their love of make-up. Although we had gone to Beautycon last year, we were not prepared for… Continue reading Beautycon London 2017

Dawn Dagger Challenge – December 2017

Thank you so much for the nomination Jamie. If you're not following her already, what are you waiting for?!? Rules: • Answer the 10 questions given. • Nominate 1-10 people. • Give your nominees 10 questions to answer. Jamie’s Questions: 1. What is your favourite sandwich? I’m not a huge sandwich fan but probably tuna… Continue reading Dawn Dagger Challenge – December 2017