5 Tips to Surviving University

When I first moved into student halls two years and a term ago, I thought I was prepared for University. In college, I had always been a straight A student and with my parents working full-time, I had learnt to take care of myself and my two younger siblings. Honestly though, I was not prepared.… Continue reading 5 Tips to Surviving University


Top 10 Movies on Netflix

Personally, I find January to be the longest and most stressful month of the year. It is often cold and wet outside, forcing you to either brave the rain and get soaked or stay indoors all day. Now that Christmas is over, lecturers expect you to settle down and do all the work that you… Continue reading Top 10 Movies on Netflix

Replying to My ‘Dear My 21 Year Old Self’ Letter

Dear Me, First of all, Happy 21st Birthday! It’s insane to think that you are 21 whilst reading this because I still remember being 15 and being so sure that I wasn’t going to make it to my 18th birthday, let alone my 21st! I hope you are proud of yourself for how far you… Continue reading Replying to My ‘Dear My 21 Year Old Self’ Letter

A Week In My Life – New York City

On the 27th December 2017, my Dad and I boarded a plane, armed with Starbucks and sandwiches, to New York City. I had never been to America before, let alone outside of Europe, so to say I was excited was an understatement. We landed in JFK Airport shortly after midday and after a few minutes… Continue reading A Week In My Life – New York City

Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

Inspired my Midnight Wanderer's post linked here. Shannon Barry So, Crohn's Disease. Have you googled it yet? If not, let me fill you in. Don't worry, I know what I'm talking about because I literally google "Crohn's" every other day. It's my version of Facebook stalking myself, only much more anonymous and sadder. Crohn's is… Continue reading Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me