March Favourites

March has definitely been the most hectic month of the year so far. I finished my fifth placement with a 2:1 after 5 weeks of intense studying and treating patients under the supervision of my clinical educator. It was honestly one of the best placements I have had so far and I feel so honoured… Continue reading March Favourites


Piercing My Helix and Dyeing My Hair Purple

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled ’22 Things to Do Before 22’ listing 22 things I want to do before I turn 22 next January. Two of the items on the list were to get a second helix piercing and to dip-dye my hair purple, both of which I did… Continue reading Piercing My Helix and Dyeing My Hair Purple

Inspired by Liv Vargus – How To Dress Like Liv Vargus For Less

Last week I posted a lookbook inspired by Alisha Marie that you all seemed to love and I had so much fun making it that I decided to make another one, this time for Liv Vargus. If you do not know who Liv is, she is a Lifestyle YouTuber who posts videos on healthy eating,… Continue reading Inspired by Liv Vargus – How To Dress Like Liv Vargus For Less

February Favourites

If January felt like the longest month then February definitely felt like the shortest month, which is not surprising seeing as it is the shortest month of the year. It has flown by; probably because I have been so busy writing my dissertation and being on placement. Since I have been so busy, this favourites… Continue reading February Favourites