Inspired by Coachella 2018

Today marks the final day of Coachella 2018. For those of you who are not aware, Coachella is a music festival held over two weekends in Palm Springs that boasts incredible headliners such as Beyoncé, The Weekend and Ariana Grande. However, over the last few years, Coachella has become better known for the fashion – attendees can spend up to a year preparing for the festival: from shopping for various options to deciding on the final outfits to wear, both for the required Instagram posts and to the festival itself. It is popular among both the general public and social media influencers, who attend the festival often on behalf of well-known brands. These are a few of my favourite outfits from the festival this year.

Shelby Church

Monica Church

Adrienne Finch

Liv Vargus

Niki DeMartino

Morgan Yates

Jessie Paege

Which outfit is your favourite?


    • I found out the other day how expensive it is and now my dreams are shattered! I’m hoping to recreate some of these outfits in the summer when it’s warmer and have my own Coachella. xx

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    • Alas I would have to also pay for flights there from the UK and accommodation and I can barely afford my rent atm so maybe in a few years! I agree the outfits are incredible though x

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