5 Girl Struggles In Summer

We have all been there – you get really excited for summer only for summer to come around and remind you of all the reasons you curse the hot weather and you start wishing for cooler days again. Do not get me wrong, I do love summer and the freedom that summer brings, but there are a few things about the hot weather I would change if I could.

This post is a collaboration with Chloe – you can check out her post here. She recently did a post featuring the most gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing bar I have ever seen which you can check out here.

Frizzy Hair

It cannot just be me that finds that my hair gets increasingly frizzy during the summer the warmer it gets. I cannot comprehend how girls can walk around with their hair perfectly straight during the warmer months whilst mine starts to resemble a bird’s nest.

Tan Envy

As someone who is naturally quite pale and always burns when outdoors for too long, I am all too familiar with the concept of tan envy. Everyone is always more tanned than me and I have to suffer through being used as the comparison colour so they can exclaim over how tanned they are. I am currently trying to find a self tanner than works well with pale skin and does not make me look orange so comment below any recommendations.

Sweat Marks 

Does this need any further explanation?! As it gets warmer, our bodies start to sweat more to cool ourselves down and our clothes absorb this excess sweat to cause the all-too-familiar sweat marks. Backpack sweat is a common struggle for me.

Badly Fitting Shorts 

Similar to the jeans struggle where it is almost impossible to find a pair of jeans that flatter your bottom, fit perfectly around the waist and reach your ankles, finding the perfect pair of shorts is another struggle. There appears to be a gap in the market for shorts that do not display your bottom or underwear but also look attractive.

Getting Sunglasses Caught in your Hair 

Alongside the struggle of frizzy hair, I always have to worry about getting my sunglasses caught in my hair and making a further mess of it. Sunglasses make the perfect hair accessory for photographs but be prepared to fight your hair to be able to retrieve them.

What is your number one struggle in summer? 

34 thoughts on “5 Girl Struggles In Summer

  1. Tan envy is mine. I’m quite pale and I do tan but when I see my tan compared to others I’m always like ‘I wish my tan was like that’ I know some people get spray tans/go on the sunbeds or even fake tan before they go away but still. I wish I tanned better but nothing I can do about that haha 🙂 Lovely pst btw xx

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    1. I can totally relate – although I definitely burn before I tan! I have recently been using a fake tan which is mixed with a moisturiser and therefore intended for pale skin but it’s so much effort to apply whenever I shower xx


      1. yeah I often for red but then it turns into a tan but not like a dark tan :(. yeah fake tan is too much effort all that exfoliating before hand and that takes up too much time and I’m always worried it’ll go streaky xx

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    1. I never really notice how pale people are until they point it out because it’s not really something I notice when looking at people. Thanks for the suggestion – I will check it out.

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  2. Mine would be frigging frizzy hair- they’re the ABSOLUTE worst. What I do is I usually to slather on some Argan oil after my shower to restore some of the good oils that’s been stripped away by shampoo! Great post! xx

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  3. GIRL GIRL GIRL! Frizzy hair and sunglasses getting stuck in my hair is such a bloody issue – my hair has broken sunglasses (just the thin bits you stick behind your ears- dear god, how have a i forgotten what those are called please ??) before xx

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    1. The nosepads? I’m not too sure of their official name but that’s what I call them. Thankfully I have never broken any glasses but I have lost quite a bit of hair to sunglasses! xx


  4. Frizzy hair is the worstttt, although my personal struggle is defo the shorts one! I work with teenagers primarily outdoors over the summer and it’s such a struggle to find shorts that are 1) nice 2) don’t make me look like a dad 3) actually cover my bum without my having to pull them down constantly 😣

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    1. I keep hoping someone will comment something to help with frizzy hair but I think so far nobody has any idea! I recently got some shorts from F21 which are boyfriend shorts and cover my bottom so I’m wearing them everywhere at the moment. xx


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