A Week in My Life in Pictures

We are officially halfway through June and therefore halfway through my Collaboration month – I hope you have been enjoying all the posts so far. This is my fifth post in the series and it is a collaboration post with Ann-Kathrin who has a lifestyle blog featuring a range of posts from baking, beauty and DIY. She is currently obsessed with face masks; in fact she recently did a post comparing all the face masks she has tried recently inspired by one of my comment!

For our collaboration post, we decided to do a week in our life in pictures. I decided to pick this previous week because it has been a more relaxed week compared to some of the previous weeks where I had placement every day and was studying in the evenings, which does not make for an interesting read. Check out Ann-Kathrin’s post here or keep reading to hear more about my week.


As some of you may know, I study Physiotherapy at University and actually graduate this summer! Therefore I am currently on the look-out for jobs and am brushing up on my interview skills since I have not interviewed since I got my current part-time job one and a half years ago. Fortunately for me, GSTT run an Interview Preparation course every year for new graduates to answer any questions and to brush up your Interview skills. The course was held in St Thomas’ Hospital which is opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben so I was able to snap this photograph whilst I was having lunch looking out across the River Thames.


Today was the second and last day of the Interview Preparation course. The course itself was really helpful in that I now feel slightly less intimidated by the thought of interviewing for a Band 5 Physiotherapy role. I think my favourite part of the day though was being able to finally relax and watch YouTube after several months of revising for exams and placement. One of the videos I watched was Niki De Mar’s video about her eating disorder – I would highly recommend watching regardless of whether or not you have ever had an eating disorder as it was highly informative.


Wednesday was spent with my best friend Grace in Notting Hill. I have never actually seen the film but I have seen photographs of the pastel coloured houses all over Instagram so I was excited to finally see them for myself. I was not disappointed. There is a Day In My Life post coming about my trip in July so stay tuned for that.


Thursday was a self-care and life administration day. I spent the majority of the day in my favourite pajamas answering emails, writing and posting letters, catching up on recent blog posts and buying food for the next week. In the evening, I went to Pergola in Paddington for Birthday Drinks.


Today I grabbed lunch with Grace again. If you have been following my blog for a while then you will remember I posted a list of food places I wanted to visit whilst I am living in London. One of the places on the list was Yolkin which we decided to finally tick off the list since it was finally warm enough for ice cream. We also grabbed lunch prior to the ice cream at Homeslice, a pizza parlour in Covent Garden.

What have you been up to this week?

28 thoughts on “A Week in My Life in Pictures

    1. It is absolutely adorable! I would love to live in one of the houses for the aesthetic but I would probably get so annoyed by all the people taking photos in front of it. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I would highly recommend! Definitely take a change of clothing for the multitude of photos you will be taking, unlike myself. Food suggestions in Notting Hill coming soon. xx


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