Completing My Summer Bucket-list: Kew Gardens and Prime Meridian

Over the past month, I was lucky enough to be able to cross two items off My Summer Bucket-list: Kew Gardens and the Greenwich Observatory where Prime Meridian is located. These are both perfect places to visit during summer as they both have wide expanses of land where one can enjoy a picnic or a leisurely walk, although be aware that the greenhouses at Kew Gardens can get rather warm in summer.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a botanical garden in London that offers the largest and most diverse botanical collection in the world. There are several greenhouses there that house a wide collection of plants, each accompanied with a picture and history, along with several structures including the Treetop Walkway from which you can admire the gardens and beyond and the Hive, a structure designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees. We decided to buy lunch there at one of their cafes but one could always take a picnic as there are countless benches and lawns on which to sit.

Greenwich Observatory

Located in Greenwich, this is the reference point for astronomical observations and is home to a Planetarium and Prime Meridian – the reference line for Greenwich Median Time. We decided to buy a ticket that includes both the Planetarium and the Observatory. The Observatory mainly consisted of a history of the families that had lived there previously and Prime Meridian – a place to visit once just to say you have but perhaps not to return. The Planetarium, for me, was the highlight of the trip. You were able to explore the stars and planets via a projection onto the roof of the Planetarium with someone to guide you through what you are seeing. Another added bonus is that the Observatory is located on a hill so there is an incredible viewpoint over London – perfect for taking photographs from and since it is separate from the Observatory, it is free to walk to.

Have you ever visited Kew Gardens or the Greenwich Observatory?

20 thoughts on “Completing My Summer Bucket-list: Kew Gardens and Prime Meridian

    1. It is so pretty! Costly for what it is so I would recommend taking a picnic and making a day of it and going when they have finished the tower structure so you can go up in (I was bummed it hadnt opened yet) xx


    1. It is really cool but definitely expensive for what it is. The planetarium was the only part worth the money. Kew Gardens is so beautiful – I couldnt believe I had never been before.

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  1. Kew Gardens looks so beautiful – another thing to add to my bucket list! Also the Observatory is something I’ve been dying to go to forever because I’m just so obsessed, very jealous! xx

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