Travel Guide: 12 Hours in Brighton

2018 marks the fourth year of travelling to Brighton for the day with my two best friends, Anna and Grace. It has become a tradition for us to visit together at least once each summer in order to visit the beach and soak in the sea air. Without even realising we were doing so, we have set a structure to our visits of places to visit during our trip.

Stop 1: The Beach

We normally aim to get to Brighton via train for between 10 and 11am. From the train station, we normally head straight to the beach as it does not tend to get busy until lunch-time and since no one is usually eating as of yet, the sea gulls tend to leave us alone. We tend to spend a couple of hours here, paddling in the sea if it is warm enough, sun-bathing and generally catching up as we no longer see each other 5 days a week as we once did.

Stop 2: The Pier

For lunch, we prefer to buy fish and/or chips from one of the shops along the seafront. I do not recommend eating on the beach as the sea gulls are very aggressive and will steal your lunch straight from your hand. We will then head to the Pier where there is an Arcade and Fairground Rides for those feeling more adventurous.

Stop 3: Choccywoccydoodah & The Lanes

Once our lunch has settled down, we will head to the Lanes where Choccywoccydoodah is located. This is a dessert shop and café that sells beautifully decorated, intricately  designed cakes as well as a mixture of desserts from brownies, tiffins, sundaes and chocolate fondant. If you are travelling with a group, I would recommend ordering the chocolate fondant sharing platter which comes with fruit, honeycomb and marshmallows to dunk.

Stop 4: Photomatic

Photomatic is a shop which has two photobooths where, for a small fee, you can take a series of photographs with various props including signs, hats and glasses. The perfect way to document your trip.

Stop 5: The Shopping Centre

As the day comes to a close, we will start to head back up the hill towards the station. Along the way we will visit various shops including New Look, Lush and Waterstone’s. It has become another tradition to visit Waterstone’s every year and choose the books we would like to read over the summer from their Young Adult section.

Have you ever visited Brighton?

46 thoughts on “Travel Guide: 12 Hours in Brighton

    1. It is such an adorable seaside town. It is definitely commercialized so if you are looking more for a traditional seaside place, I would not recommend but it’s good for a fun day out, especially with young children. x

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      1. It looks it! I love seaside towns in general. There are places in maine that are like that, that are very commercialized but then just down the coast their are much quieter quainter places. ❤

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    1. I can imagine. I live in London so I haven’t really explored much of the North of England for that exact reason. Perhaps you could do a long weekend in London and get the train down to Brighton for a day?


        1. It’s an extra hour and a half train but at least it breaks it up rather than a straight train throughout. Ooh I remember you telling me, enjoy! xx


    1. It is definitely commercialized so not ideal for sunbathing beside the sea but perfect if you like lots of activities like arcades and cute cafes. xx


    1. That’s impressive considering how tucked away it is! We had to be told about it and use google maps to find it. It is delicious – I just wish it were more open with windows to let in the natural light. x

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      1. I think someone had mentioned it to us, but we had no clue where to find it. If I remember rightly, it was tucked away down a little street on a corner?? But yes, get what you mean about the natural light, it was very dark. But then maybe it’s deliberate to make it seem all mysterious and trick you into buying 100’s of pounds worth of chocolate!! Xx

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        1. Yes, it’s on the corner of a narrow turning in The Lanes. Haha maybe, although I have never seen anyone actually purchase any of the cakes sold downstairs. xx


  1. I love this guide to Brighton! Haven’t been there since I was a child. Beautiful photos as always, I really like the structure of the post too! Also, I love love love places like photomatic (or just photobooths in general), they’re such a great way to document memories! And oh my god, don’t even get me started on seagulls, they are vicious creatures – just came back from a trip to Scotland where a seagull literally ripped my hamburger from my hands and flew off hahaha xx

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    1. Thank you! I actually hadn’t been there at all until my friend suggested it a few years ago as Zoella lives there. I love photobooths too, especially DIY ones at parties because they are more informal. Hahah – I literally duck when I see a seagull now, I am scarred! xx

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    1. Ikr! It sounds like something out of a kid’s book! I love the beach – I prefer stoney beaches to sandy beaches although they are less comfortable to sit on but at least you don’t get sand everywhere.

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    1. I actually hadn’t been till four years ago so I totally understand. It was only when I moved into London for University that I really started going. It’s very commercialised so it’s perfect for a day-out, but perhaps not for sunbathing! xx

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  2. I love Brighton so much, we used to go as a family atleast ​twice a year and have fish and chips in the resturant ​on the pier and get hot doughnuts in a paper bag – this brings back all of those memories! x

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