Completing My Senior Year Bucket-List

In September of last year, I wrote a Senior Year Bucket-List of 15 things I wanted to accomplish in my final year of University. Since I have now graduated and am no longer a student (literally, my student card expired on the 31st of July), I thought I would review the list to see how many I managed to accomplish.

Visit At Least 3 New Places Outside of London 

When I wrote this Bucket-List, I intended this to mean explore England further by taking day-trips to different Cities, but this can also be interpreted as exploring new places abroad as well. I recently visited Eastbourne with my boyfriend and went on holiday to Porto with my family as well as having two holidays to Amsterdam and Copenhagen coming up in the next month.

Join A Sports Club

I never officially joined a Sports Club but my flatmate, Ffion and I used to go climbing once or twice a week together for a few hours and we would often climb alongside members of our University’s climbing team. Climbing is definitely a sport I am hoping to upkeep even after I move out of London – it is truly a whole body workout and is fun so I often forget I am working out.

Have A Flat Night With My Two Flatmates 

Whilst Ffion and I used to hang out together often, our third flatmate would often excuse himself and kept to himself. However, he moved out a month early, so for the past month we have had another student renting his room and we have often spent nights eating pizza and talking about our days.

Work Out 3 Times A Week Minimum 

Whilst third year of University was not as demanding as second year in terms of lectures, it had a higher percentage of coursework and placement, which both took up more of my time. Whilst I would climb twice a week, I would not work-out on any of the other days.

Visit All 10 Places on my Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Food Places in London

I have managed to visit all but two of the places on my Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Food Places in London. I have yet to visit Soft Serve Society or Four Winters but since they are both ice cream places, I am certain I will visit them both this Summer, especially considering the heatwave we were experiencing.

Learn 3 New Recipes 

Whilst I can cook for myself, I have a repertoire of recipes that I often cook on a weekly basis. This year, I wanted to branch out and discover new recipes. My parents bought me a vegan cookbook for Christmas last year so I am slowly working my way through the recipes and have definitely learnt more than three new recipes.

Read Brukner and Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine from Front to Back

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy was and still is one of the main branches of Physiotherapy that I do not feel confident in and I wanted to take some time this year to rectify that. Unfortunately I did not have time to fully dedicate myself to this by reading the entirety of this book but I hope to in the future.

Get A First in Placement

Whilst I did not overall achieve a First in any of my placements this year, I was able to achieve a First for multiple sections of the grading scheme.

Blog At Least Once A Week

I am incredible pleasured with the progress my blog has made over the past year. June of this year marked one year since I started this blog and started blogging at least once a week, recently increasing it to twice a week. As of writing this post, I currently have 637 followers which is just under 50 followers per month that I have been blogging, which is insane!

Buy My University’s Merchandise

I found out at the start of my final year of University that the University has a shop where it sells merchandise and so I was excited to explore the shop and purchase something to commemorate my time there. I already own a Physiotherapy hoodie with the University logo on it but I have not purchased any University merchandise since I wrote this post.

Visit A Friend At Their University

In December last year, Grace and I took a train to Durham to visit our mutual best friend, Anna, at her University. You can read about our experience of seeing her student house for the first time and meeting her housemates here. I have also visited my sister at her University in Bristol this year and discovered the cutest Lido there, perfect for the heatwave we were experiencing at the time.

Complete a FutureLearn Course

I first completed a course on FutureLearn back in 2014 when I was required to do so in order to complete my EPQ or Extended Project Qualification in Sixth Form. When I did this, all the courses were free but now they have changed it so only certain courses are free. There are a few courses coming up that I am interested in but I have yet to complete one.

Cook a 3 Course Meal for Someone Else

In December last year, my flatmate and I decided to cook a three course Christmas Dinner for the flat. It was a struggle in our small student kitchen but we managed it and we were both so proud of ourselves when we finally sat down to eat.

Apply to Write for the Tab and Write At Least One Article 

Shortly after writing the original Bucket-List, I did send off an application to write for The Tab but unfortunately I never heard back from them. However, in June of this year, an article I wrote regarding mental health and University was published by Clover. Clover is a daily newsletter containing the most important news pieces from the previous day as well as an article written by a reader. I have read the newsletter daily for over a year now, so to be published by them was a huge accomplishment for me. You can check out today’s article on the AwesomenessTV website on their front page or you can check out my article here.


I am pleased to announce that I am now a fully-qualified Physiotherapist, now made official by my Graduation Ceremony last month which you can read about here.

What have you completed off your bucket-list this school year? 


25 thoughts on “Completing My Senior Year Bucket-List

  1. I loved reading this! I was thinking of writing a list of what I want to achieve during the next year for starting my masters, so reading this was so lovely. It’s amazing how much you can achieve and do xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love writing bucketlists of things I want to achieve over a certain period of time – although I really should keep checking in with them more often to make sure I cross everything off. Thank you for reading and commenting. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Conrats on graduating! This is such a pivotal time in your life and you can be so proud of yourself for achieving everything you have up to this point! And talk about list goals, I mean you absolutely nailed this bucket-list! And I just read your article – I am so impressed! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Honestly I feel a bit lost at the moment because I no longer have University but I also do not have a job lined up either but I know I will get there eventually. I like to create lists that are realistic but also challenge me because I hate not crossing items off my list. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I loved that I wrote this list and did not refer back to it the entire year, only to find that I had completed most of it. I like to think it is similar to your intentions post where you talked about putting your intentions out there and letting the Universe play its part. xx


    1. Thank you! I still have my 22 things before 22 list going until next January so I am working on that at the moment and I think I am also going to do a fall bucket list, similar to my summer bucketlist.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you! I actually did not look at this list until I went to wrote this post and I was pleasantly surprised as to how many I had managed to achieve. I guess it’s a case of putting your intentions out there and letting the Universe take control (can you tell I have been reading Mia’s or crystalandcurls’ posts recently!?) xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am actually in the process of writing up all the instagram-worthy spots as I have been to so many hidden gems this year so hopefully that post will be up soon. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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