Completing My Summer Bucket-List: Beaches and Outdoor Cinemas

Over the past month, I was lucky enough to be able to cross two more items off My Summer Bucket-List: Attend an Outdoor Cinema and Go to the Beach.

Attend an Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor Cinemas and Drive-In Movies are often featured in American rom-coms and look like so much fun, so when I heard about The Luna Cinema, the UK’s first Open Air Cinema, I was excited to finally see what all the fuss is about. My boyfriend and I decided to see Murder on the Orient Express, an Agatha Christie murder mystery. The location of the Luna Cinema changes every few days and ours was held at the Opera Holland Park in Kensington. This was fortunate for us as the venue was already set up with its own bar and seats so all you needed to remember to take were snacks and the tickets. The film was incredible and I would honestly recommend seeing if you have not already. Since the event was held under-cover, it was easy to forget that it was an outdoor cinema and was perfect during the heatwave we have currently been having.

Go To The Beach

I was fortunate enough to go to the Beach twice this Summer. I went to Brighton with my best friend, Grace, for our annual trip to Brighton. I wrote a Travel Guide to Brighton about the trip.Β I also went to visit my boyfriend’s parents in Eastbourne and went to the beach whilst there. The beach and pier reminded me of Brighton with small outlets, an arcade and a stoney beach, but less crowded and commercialized.

Have you ever attended an Outdoor Cinema?Β 

26 thoughts on “Completing My Summer Bucket-List: Beaches and Outdoor Cinemas

  1. I’m so keen to go to an outdoor cinema! Melbourne has a really good rooftop one that’s apparently incredible, but I’ve yet to go, definitely on my list of things to do this summer! x

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        1. I have never actually been to Vienna but I would love to visit! I went skiing there a few years ago but injured my thigh muscle so have not returned since. I am actually not a fan of older movies so we are total opposites. What is your favourite movie atm? x


    1. Haha that prominent in your mind?! I do love the beach, although I am more of a fan of stoney beaches to sandy beaches. They are more uncomfortable but I can enjoy my food in beach! xx

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      1. Hahaha I guess it was a long time ago… I think it was Dirty Dancing or Grease or something like that. Yeah I like both really, I live in Brighton so sandy beaches are always associated with holidays for me! xx

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    1. Agreed! I am glad I did it in summer though because I think it would have been too cold in winter. Definitely going to have indoor cinema nights with blankets and hot chocolate in the winter though! xx


  2. I’ve also been to a Luna outdoor cinema a couple of years ago. I took my mum to see Mamma Mia! It was so much fun. Didn’t actually go to any this year though, instead went to Backyard Cinema which was interesting but still prefer an outdoor cinema instead. x

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