If We Were Having A Coffee

I last uploaded a talkative Coffee Talk post back in July and since the feedback to that post was so positive, I thought I would write another one to update all of you. It is my aim to write a Coffee Talk post every three months or so to keep you all updated on my life.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I am now officially moved out of my student accommodation and back living with my parents. It is going to take some getting used to for sure, seeing as I had unlimited freedom and easy access to public transport whilst in London, but I am ready to finally save some money now that I am no longer a student.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I still do not have a plan for the future. I am officially a graduate and my student ID has expired but I have still not updated my CV or applied for a job. I have a part-time job to sustain me but at the moment I am still acting as if this is just another Summer holiday and I will return to University in September.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I am thinking of getting a hamster. This is party inspired by Jamie and her adorable hamster. I have never had my own pet before and when everyone else had hamsters in primary school, I was collecting bugs with my brother, which are definitely not suitable house pets, so I am excited to finally be getting my own pet. At the moment I am thinking of getting the Teddy Bear Hamster but I am open to suggestions so please leave me advice below.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I am going back to uploading once a week on my blog again. As Chloe said in an Instagram post earlier this month, quality over quantity. I would much rather upload once a week and be proud of the content I am putting out. With Summer coming to an end, the time to start working full-time is approaching and I worry I will not have enough time to have a full-time job and blog twice a week.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you how uninspired I have been feeling recently. I have not uploaded on my Blog’s Instagram in the past few months and writing blog posts is starting to feel more like a chore than a hobby. Hopefully now that I am living somewhere permanently again and my recent holiday will help to inspire me again. Let me know what inspires you below.

If we were having coffee… I would ask about your plans for the next few months. Most of you are probably returning to school, college or University after the Summer holidays whilst others are still working full-time, but hopefully have enjoyed the longer and warmer days we have been experiencing.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “If We Were Having A Coffee

  1. Loved this! I know what you mean about feeling uninspired with blogging. Before unintentionally taking a month long break (have a post going up tomorrrow) I was feeling stuck in a rut. Thankfully I’m excited to get back into it again!

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  2. I moved back to my parent’s place for the summer after living alone for a year and damn, it felt strange being back. Don’t get me wrong, my parents are wonderful people, but once you’ve had that taste of freedom, everything else seems… limited. And I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling unmotivated/uninspired lately, I think it happens to everyone. Sometimes that time period where I feel so drained of ideas actually ends up being good for me in the most unexpected ways.

    In fact, I’m getting out of one of those periods now and in hindsight I really, really needed that break. My number one rule is that my hobbies should never feel like chores – if they do, I just tend to shut down and not produce any valuable content. So maybe just wait it out a little? I have in the past and it always lead me to a point where I would miss blogging so much that I would just ist down one day and write page after page, post after post. And I did so not because I was obligated to do so, but because I WANTED TO. It felt freeing knowing that. Great post Hannah, I really enjoy these a lot! xx

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    1. Thank you for the long comment Fiona. I am so glad that someone else understands how I feel in terms of my home situation. I am so grateful to my parents for taking me back in so I do not have to pay rent anymore but I also miss the freedom that I used to have. Hopefully we will work out a plan in these next few months to make it live-able.
      I am feeling a bit more inspired after taking a week’s break from blogging and answering comments, having spent the week abroad, so hopefully next time I go to write a post, I will feel more inspired. xx

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  3. So sorry that you are not feeling inspired with your blog at the moment!! Quality over quantity is definitely important with blog posts – that’s one of the main reasons why I only upload once a week. Oohhh it’s exciting that you might be getting a hamster 😄 xx

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    1. I have just returned from a week-long break visiting both Amsterdam and Copenhagen and I am excited to write up the Travel Guides for both places so hopefully this is a sign that I am back on form! I think there is so much pressure nowadays to produce more content more regularly to get views but I have to keep reminding myself that there are no time limits on growth. xx

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  4. Quality over quantity is always my motto. At the end of the day, you’re writing your blog for yourself and you have to enjoy it! If it feels like a chore then that’s not good. Hopefully you’ll get inspired again soon and I can’t wait to read your upcoming posts! Also – enjoy your free time. Don’t feel like you NEED to find a job right now. That will come eventually, and you’ve worked hard whilst at uni, so enjoy it x

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    1. Thank you. I feel like I am putting so much pressure on myself to get a full-time job right away and I think it is so easy to judge from the outside that I am being lazy but you are right, I have worked hard and deserve this break. x


    1. Anytime! I really want a hamster and even my parents are on board, just have to figure out the logistics. Gumtree is actually a real life saver in terms of getting equipment. Do/did you have a hamster? xx


    1. Did you find anything that particularly helped you? I guess so – I am glad to be done with University though as living in halls was definitely a test of my sentiment. Will miss the council tax discount though! xx

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      1. I think allowing myself to have the time and space away from them/the house when I needed it was important! Yeah I’m a bit apprehensive about living in halls but also excited xx

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