My Summer Bucket-List: An Update

Summer officially ended yesterday, the 23rd of September, which means it is finally socially acceptable to start getting excited about Christmas and wearing over-sized jumpers with leggings and winter boots. At the start of the summer, I wrote a blog post listing 10 activities that I wanted to complete this summer, and with summer having ended yesterday, I thought it was time to update you on my progress.

Visit Kew Gardens and Prime Meridian


At the start of the summer, I made two separate trips to both Kew Gardens and Greenwich Observatory with my boyfriend. I had an incredible time at both places and we were incredibly blessed with warm and dry weather so we could fully enjoy both of the days out. For more details on both places, you can check out my blog post.

Have A Picnic in Hyde Park

On a Bank Holiday Monday in May, I was finally able to have a Picnic in Hyde Park. My boyfriend and I both packed a variety of food and drink in our backpacks, including vegan hummus and avocado sandwiches, strawberries, mango slices and homemade chocolate chip cookies, before jumping on the Tube to Hyde Park. Here, we sat on the grass next to the lake, underneath the warm summer sun, eating our picnic and admiring the view.

Graduate and Take Graduation Photographs 


In July of this year, I graduated from King’s College London with a BSc in Physiotherapy. Since graduating University is an achievement I will probably only achieve once or twice in my life, I wanted to commemorate the occasion by having a Graduation Photoshoot, both in my gown and in my graduation dress. You can check out the photoshoot here.

Attend an Outdoor Cinema


Since both my boyfriend and I are both into movies and TV series, I thought going to an outdoor cinema would make for a good date night. I chose the movie for this date night – I chose Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express at The Luna Cinema, which is an outdoor cinema which moves locations every few days. You can read more about our experience here.

Go To The Beach


There is something calming about being beside open bodies of water and being beside the beach is no different. However, I find sandy beaches to be unnecessary stress so I prefer walking along stoney beaches, such as Brighton and Eastbourne. You can check out my blog post about Eastbourne here or my Brighton Travel Guide here.

Attend a Scavenger Hunt


For Grace’s 21st Birthday, my friend Anna and I planned a London-based photograph scavenger hunt. The idea was that we would each pick 5 photos from a bowl, taken from Instagram and set at various locations across London, and we would have to recreate the photograph at the same location. You can see how well we did or did not do by reading my post.

Host A Dinner Party

For Anna’s 21st Birthday, Grace and I are hosting a Harry Potter themed Dinner Party. Anna is obsessed with Harry Potter and so when we were brainstorming ideas for her birthday, it seemed like the perfect activity to celebrate her 21st. I will be uploading a blog post all about the dinner party so stay tuned!

Complete An Online Course

FutureLearn is a free online resource for any age, student or not, that allows you to access online courses run by some of the leading Universities in the UK. Some of the courses are free as long as you complete the course within a certain period of time whilst other courses you have to pay for. There is also a certificate upon completion at a cost. The courses vary in their length but are all short-term courses, intended as an introduction into the topic. The course I am currently completing is called Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness, which is run by King’s College London, which I am an alumni of.

Have A Festival-Inspired Photoshoot

On Saturday 22nd of September, my boyfriend and I got up early and headed to a field near to my house to take some festival-inspired photographs. I will be uploading the photos taken to Instagram so stay tuned!

What was the highlight of your summer? 









29 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket-List: An Update

        1. He actually went to Tokyo too! He did touristy things during the day and then went out with his friends clubbing at night… came back very sleep-deprived but had an incredible time!


  1. Hello Hannah! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for sunshine blogger award over my blog. Hoping to read your answers soon and getting to know u better! 🙂

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    1. I really have. Thank you – I loved putting it all together and it was lots of fun to carry out. I think when you have fun doing the event, it really carries across to your post. xx

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