5 Girl Struggles in Winter

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Earlier this year, I uploaded a post titled 5 Girl Struggles in Summer, listing 5 common struggles that girls have to deal with when it is hot outside. Quite a few people commented on how they could relate to the struggles I listed as well as including some of their own so I thought I would upload the Winter version, listing 5 more girl struggles. 

Hat Hair

We have all been there, you spent ages straightening your hair this morning to look nice for work, only to get to work, take your hat off and discover that your previously straightened hair now has taken on the shape of your hat. And to make matters worse, the hat has also made your hair static! Why do we even bother?! 

Being Too Cold Outside and Being Too Warm Inside

I love the fact that everywhere has the heating on in winter because it is a welcome breath of warm air whenever I go inside the office or a shop, but spend more than 5 minutes there and you will find yourself getting too warm and quickly stripping down to your t-shirt. This would be fine if you were there to stay but often it is when I am getting a coffee to go or shopping that I find myself getting too warm and end up having to carry my jumper and coat around with me whilst having to juggle the other three things I am carrying. 

The Constant Need for Lip Balm

No matter how often you apply lip balm, you always seem to find your lips dry and cracked. You even buy the lip balm that promises 24 hour moisturisation but still your lips are dry and cracked within 20 minutes! And to make matters worse, you cannot seem to hold onto your lip balm – you are already on to your fifth lip balm of the week. Seriously though, has anyone actually ever finished a lip balm?! 

Looking Like A Snowman

If you like your nose being clear and being able to breathe, you need to wrap up warm when the temperature drops. But is there actually a way to look both cute and be warm?! Whenever I bring out my thick winter jumpers and coats, I always seem to resemble a snowman, just with a red nose instead of an orange one! 


Snow is magical for the first one or two days after it falls but then it becomes a huge inconvenience. You are constantly slipping over and bruising yourself and no public transport is running so you are practically house-bound. You cannot invite your friends over because no one wants to leave their house and no one can get to your house even if they wanted to because the roads are too slippery. At least you can make a snowman or snow angel I guess… 

What is your number one struggle in winter? 

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34 thoughts on “5 Girl Struggles in Winter

  1. All of these struggles are so true.
    Personally, I despise snow. It’s pretty from afar, but it’s so inconvenient.
    Also, I’ve had to invest in a therapy light to fight off winter blues. That has helped immensely, but so annoying that I’ve had to resort to that for my sanity.
    Love this post!

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    1. Thank you for reading. I have a love-hate relationship with snow, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. Depends if I get a day off work for it! Ooh I have never considered that, will have to look into it.

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  2. My number 1 winter struggle is dry skin. I have been better at putting thick lotion on every time I wasn’t hands, but it doesn’t matter in the winter. My whole body is always so dry it’s ridiculous. Nothing works, so I’ve basically just embraced not being as well moisturized in the winter as I am in the summer.

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    1. So true! You should make sure you are drinking enough too and wrapping up warm because both of those can be contributing factors too. I have such a sore nose at the moment from both flu and exposure to the cold. xx


  3. Love this!
    My two biggies…
    1. My hands demand constant hand cream top-ups and turn into dry, red, cracked balls of rage if I don’t.
    2. I can’t parallel park, it’s virtually impossible for me, which means I can never get a car park space close enough to my house and have to hike 24903 miles to my car everytime I want to go out resulting in looking like a dishevelled drowned rat before I’ve even got anywhere!

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    1. I always find that my wrists get really dry between my coat and my gloves which is such a weird place to moisturize! You are not alone, I cannot parallel park either but thankfully I can pull into most spaces outside my house due to gaps where driveways are. We should both probably learn though – my Dad recommended putting two cones out and trying to park between them.


  4. Being too cold inside and too warm inside, omg. My life right now. I just can’t seem to get the right temperature ANYWHERE, half of me is always warm and the other half is always cold. Also, snow – I love it when I’m inside but if I have to go out somewhere in it? No thanks, it’s a sludgy slippery mess and a nightmare to drive in!! xx

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  5. Ughhhhh winter sucks!! I have seasonal affective disorder so I feel so miserable with the gloomy days, I need more sunlight! And also I have 2 dogs and constantly walking them in the dark/ mud/ rain isn’t nice! Bring back summer pls

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    1. Agreed! I hate the cold and would much rather not walk the dog and leave my warm and cosy bed. But alas, they have to get walked. Someone recommended a light for SAD, have you considered trying one?


  6. These are so true!! Hat hair is unreal 😂 plus I hate when you do your hair all nice and then the wind or rain just ends up ruining it haha! Plus the hot/cold change is horrible, I always wrap up warm and then walk into buildings and start sweating haha! End up holding layers of clothes 😂 xx

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    1. I have started carrying a backpack with me purely to carry all my excess clothes. I half wish buildings didn’t have their heating on in this weather purely for this reason but all the staff would be so cold!!! xx

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  7. It would be the constant need for lip balm! I have NEVER finished a lip balm! I am also constantly losing them! And, of course it would also be the hat hair! xx

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