22 Things To Do Before 22: 1 Year After

When I look back at 2018, I see a year of growth and new opportunities. I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and became full-time at my current Clinical Receptionist job. I met my boyfriend Tom as well as became closer to my best friends. I traveled to three new countries: The Netherlands, Denmark and Portugal as well as tried a number of new activities from indoor skydiving to walking over the 02 Arena.

A year ago, on my 21st Birthday, I wrote a list of 22 things I wanted to achieve by the time I was 22. I turn 22 this week and therefore thought it was time to update you all on my progress.

You can check out my 6 month update post for the items I completed in the first half of 2018. This includes: getting a second helix piercing, dip-dyeing my hair purple, visiting Kew Gardens and Prime Meridian, walking over the O2 Arena, having a picnic in Hyde Park, going to a Demi Lovato concert and going indoor skydiving.

Take Graduation Photographs and Graduate

On the 25th July 2018, I graduated from King’s College London with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. It was a lovely warm and sunny day so the photographs all turned out really well, except for the building work across from the venue, but it did make sitting in a lecture theatre for 3 hours slightly unbearable! You can see all the photographs in my blog post here.

Take A Kickboxing or Boxing Class

In August, I volunteered as part of a Children’s Sports Disability Camp, run by a local hospital trust. This was a four-day event with each day consisting of a different sport and my role as a volunteer was to help the children participate to the best of their ability. I had an incredible time and it really strengthened my love for Physiotherapy. One of the sports on offer was boxing so I was fortunate enough to get a free 15 minute 1:1 boxing lesson as part of being a volunteer. Even thought it was only 15 minutes, my shoulders were aching by the end!

Visit Amsterdam and Meet My Internet Best Friend

2018-09-03 04.31.51 2.jpg

In August, my boyfriend and I flew to Amsterdam for 3 days as part of our summer holiday. I have wanted to visit Amsterdam for 4 years now, ever since I found out that my internet best friend lives there. I could not have hoped for a better trip: meeting my internet best friend was lovely and not awkward at all and there was so much to see and do and eat. I will definitely be returning shortly.

Visit Copenhagen 

2018-09-03 04.31.50 1.jpg

My boyfriend and I flew from Amsterdam to Copenhagen in August this year. I have wanted to visit Copenhagen ever since my sister visited a few years ago and this was only heightened by Grace’s trip last year. It was absolutely beautiful and I love Nyhaven but I did find that there was less to see and do there and also less food options for a vegetarian such as myself.

Walk Along The Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

In the summer, my boyfriend and I finally attended the Tower Bridge Museum which consists of the Glass Walkway. Honestly, it was not as magnificent as I had hoped but it was still interesting learning about the history of the bridge.

Have A Spa Day

As part of our 6 month anniversary in November, my boyfriend Tom treated me to a Spa Day at a Hotel. We were allowed access to their pool and sauna prior to our treatment and then were taken upstairs for an arm, hand, leg and foot massage and wrap. At first I felt awkward since I was almost naked under the towels but the woman quickly put me at ease and I found myself feeling more and more relaxed as the treatment went on. It was such a thoughtful present from my boyfriend, I am so grateful.

Complete A Hendrix Climb (V3-V5)

As of writing this post, I have not yet completed a Hendrix Climb and since I have not been climbing for the past 2 months, it is highly unlikely that I am going to complete one anytime shortly. Unfortunately with moving out of my student flat in London, I also moved away from my local climbing centre and my climbing buddy and flatmate. The highest grade I climbed at during the summer was yellow which is V2-V4, one grade off Hendrix.

There are a few items on my list that I have yet to complete but hope to complete this coming year. These include: learning how to play 3 songs on the guitar, visiting Ireland, learning how to use the manual settings on my digital camera and completing an online course in something new.

How did you get on with your 2018 goals?

20 thoughts on “22 Things To Do Before 22: 1 Year After

  1. Happy early birthday! 2018 seems like a great year for you and I hope that continues into 2019!

    I remember taking my first ever kickboxing class and after the 1-hour class, I was super exhausted. I didn’t think of it much but the next day, my calves were sooooo sore, I almost fell after getting out of bed. I would love to do it again soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I always feel like my birthday comes up so quickly after Christmas. I guess it would get easier if I carried on with it on a weekly basis but I was surprised at just how tiring it was, considering it was such a short session.


    1. Thank you! I would definitely recommend having a spa day – even if it is just an at-home spa day. Run yourself a warm bath with some bubbles and a bath bomb, have a mug of hot chocolate and a good book and just relax for a while. It really does help re-set you.
      THANK YOU! It is actually in 2 days now… it always come so quickly after Christmas is over. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg you have achieved SO much and ticked so many things off your bucket list!! It is so so lovely that you met your internet best friend and it is proof that distance isnt an issue! Loving your photos as always! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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