Flat Tour – April 2019

As many of you will know, I moved into a one bedroom flat with my boyfriend at the start of February this year. It has only been eight weeks but yet it feels like forever that we have lived here as we have already made it our own. When I first moved in, I promised I would do a flat tour once most of the boxes had been unpacked and finally it is at a place where I am happy to show the world (who knew I would get so possessive about my own flat?!). So without further ado, here is our flat.

The Bedroom

The bedroom mainly consists of a bed, a built-in wardrobe and two bedside cabinets. The bed is mine from my room at my parent’s house so I am not sure where it is from. The ‘H’ pillow is from Wilkinson and the Alice In Wonderland pillow is handmade by my boyfriend’s mum. The grey and white striped bedding is from Sainsbury’s (similar linked here) and I am honestly in love with it. The two bedside cabinets we bought off Gumtree but they are similar to these bedside cabinets from IKEA.

The Living Room

The living room doubles as both a living room and dining room, separated by the chaise longue of the sofa. The living room half consists of a sofa, coffee table and TV with TV stand whilst the dining room half consists of two bookcases and a dining room table.

The sofa and coffee table are both from IKEA and were the two first major purchases we made as a couple as neither of us had a sofa or coffee table from our previous flats. The TV stand and TV both belong to Tom from his previous flat as did the dining table. There was already one bookcase built into the flat and we bought another one from IKEA as we both have a large collection of books, although mine has definitely gotten smaller since moving out.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is probably where you can see the most of our taste in home decor (note all of the coffee paraphernalia). The colour theme we decided on for the flat was a pastel colour theme, specifically pastel blue, pastel pink and beige, which I really hope has been reflected throughout the flat. Luckily for me, these colours have been popular in local home decor shops such as Sainsbury’s, Wilkinson’s and IKEA.

The pastel blue salt and pepper shakers and fruit bowl are both from Sainsbury’s as are the differently sized coffee mugs. The spice rack and nespresso coffee pod holder are both from Argos. The sugar, tea and coffee canisters are all from Wilkinson’s.

What is your favourite home decor purchase?

24 thoughts on “Flat Tour – April 2019

    1. It is so nice and it is so peaceful since we are on the top floor so we can forget we are in a block of flats. Ikea is such a good place to start getting furniture – you can always get more expensive furniture as you settle down but buying bulk furniture for the first time you move can get expensive quickly.

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    1. Thank you! Definitely start accumulating furniture now is my best advice as it adds up quickly and I wish I had more furniture beforehand rather than spending all my money on food and nights out. xx


    1. Thank you! A lot of people we have spoken to have said we have moved very fast for such a short relationship but it just felt right for both of us. They are from Wilko! We actually visited a dozen places trying to find containers that said sugar, coffee and tea on them and then we found these ones when we had almost given up! xx

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