A Photo Diary: 24 Hours in Liverpool

On the 30th March 2019, I met up with my two best friends from Secondary School, Anna and Grace, at Liverpool Lime Street Station, ready for a weekend of exploring Liverpool. We had chosen Liverpool for various reasons for a weekend away, including the fact that none of us had ever been there before so we would all be exploring a new town together, Sophie Rosie’s Instagram posts who made Liverpool look like the dream place to visit and the fact that it was a similar journey time for all of us.

The weekend mainly consisted of a lot of walking and taking photographs for Instagram, eating lots of good food, especially brunch, and catching up with one another, as full time jobs mean that we do not see as much of each other as we would like to. If you have never visited Liverpool before, I would highly recommend visiting as the City is beautiful and especially if you are a Beatles fan as there are the Beatles statues and museum on the waterfront. It was the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

The Liver Bird

Created in 2017, the ‘Wings’ allow people to transform themselves into an iconic Liver Bird.

Albert Dock

Located on the waterfront, Albert Dock is a collection of Grade I listed buildings including The Beatles Story, Tate Liverpool and a collection of shops, restaurants and bars.

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral, otherwise known as the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool, is the largest Cathedral and religious building in Britain. It is free to enter, although donations are encouraged, and for an additional cost, one can go to the top of the tower and admire the view, as pictured below.

The Museum of Liverpool

The Museum is one of the later additions to Liverpool’s museums which tells the story of Liverpool and its people.

The Liver Building

Originally built as the home of the Royal Liver Assurance Group, the building is now more of a landmark and is home to two fabled Liver Birds that watch over the City.

Have you ever visited Liverpool? What was your favourite part?

21 thoughts on “A Photo Diary: 24 Hours in Liverpool

  1. Liverpool is definitely on my list of places to visit in the UK, it seems to beautiful! Hopefully I’ll book a few days there soon. Sounds like you had a great time, & these pictures are beautiful! xx

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    1. I would definitely recommend if you are a Beatles fan as they are everywhere! I am not so much of a fan so prefered to admire the pretty buildings and food more. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. When we were asking for ideas of places to visit, several people mentioned the football stadium but honestly I have never seen the attraction as I do not particular like football. I imagine it is pretty cool if you are a fan.


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