If Gilmore Girls was filmed today

A few months ago, Jamie uploaded a post titled ‘If Friends Was Filmed Today’ where she talked about how the famous TV show Friends would have been different if it was filmed in 2019. At the time, I was re-watching Gilmore Girls whose first season was filmed in 2000 and it got me thinking about how the show would have been different had it been filmed in 2019. For this post I will be solely referring to the original seven seasons as Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was released in 2016.


  • Rory would be constantly explaining to others why she prefers paper books over Kindle books
  • But ultimately she would decide to purchase a Kindle because it is lighter to carry than all of the books she wants to read in her backpack
  • Rory would have a popular Goodreads account where she would review all the books she has read
  • Rory would have her own website where she would upload articles she has written about current affairs


  • Instead of running her own inn, Lorelei would be an Air Bnb Superhost
  • Lorelei would have her own Twitter account where she would solely moan about her mother and her latest antics
  • Lorelei would have a dating app downloaded on her phone but would be extremely picky about the guys she went on dates with
  • Lorelei would have Just Eat and Deliveroo downloaded onto her phone
  • Lorelei would pay for both Netflix and Hulu so she can stream all her favourite movies and TV shows


  • Luke would be constantly frustrated at his customers having cell service as it means that they will sit there for hours with their phones and laptops despite there being no WiFi
  • Luke would be frustrated at the number of dietary restrictions he is expected to cater to: vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, celiac, etc
  • Luke would try to resist being on fast-food apps such as Just Eat and Deliveroo but Lorelei would convince him that it is a good way to make money


  • Sookie would have her own Instagram and Pinterest account dedicated to all the food she makes and would constantly be reposted as #goals
  • Sookie would have her own cookbook filled with all her favourite recipes
  • Sookie would initially be against cooking for different dietary requirements but would ultimately enjoy experimenting with traditional recipes to make them suitable for that dietary requirement

If Gilmore Girls was filmed today, what do you think would have been done differently?

24 thoughts on “If Gilmore Girls was filmed today

  1. HANNAH. THIS POST IS SO GOOD. I found myself nodding in agreement to all the changes you wrote about. I feel like Luke would put up a sign in his window titled “NO WIFI” and then people would come in every few minutes and ask if there was wifi – that would definitely drive him nuts. xx

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    1. Thank you!! I would highly recommend watching, especially the first few seasons. They definitely get worse as the seasons go on but the first one is a classic. xx


  2. Lush post! I remember watching the Gilmore Girls when it was on tv never watched it since. However this post has made me want to re watch it well after I’ve finished Peaky Blinders haha. I wish they’d put one tree hill on Netflix I’d love to re watch that or Sabrina the teenage witch the original xx

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