Just Hannah Discovers: Bea Miller

I first discovered Bea Miller in 2015 following the success of her song Fire N Gold. Whilst she has never been my favourite artist, I have continued to listen to her new releases over the past four years and was lucky enough to be able to see her finally perform live in London last month.

Disclaimer: I am aware that I am not ‘discovering’ these artists but hopefully there will be at least one of my readers who will discover a new artist to add to their current playlist.

Who is Bea Miller?

Bea Miller is a 20 year old American singer-songwriter from New Jersey. She rose to fame following her success on Season 2 of the US version of The X Factor and has since released 4 EPs and an album. Interesting, she has synesthesia which means she sees different colours when she hears different sounds.

What is your favourite song and why?

I Wanna Know. This song is a collaboration between NOTD and Bea Miller and has been my favourite song of hers ever since I heard it for the first time. It is catchy and upbeat yet has a serious undertone and tells a story of someone still in love with their ex.

What song do you relate to the most and why?

I Can’t Breathe. In an interview, Bea said that she was at one of her lowest points when she wrote this song: she hated where she was and what she was feeling and desperately wanted to go back to a time when she was happier. Personally, this song reminds me of anxiety and feeling so overwhelmed that it feels like I am suffocating.

What is your favourite music video of hers and why?

Yes Girl. This music video is a minimal and simple concept but perfectly captures the essence of the song. Yes Girl is about finding yourself saying yes to a lot of things that you do not want to do and realising that it is okay to stand up for yourself and say no. This is represented in the music video by Bea’s sweater which you see being pulled apart by multiple pairs of hands, leaving her in her underwear, implying that saying yes all the time has left her feeling like she has lost a part of herself.

What is your favourite lyric of hers and why?

‘Now I’m drowning underneath the water that was under me’

This lyric is taken from her song Burning Bridges. In an interview, Bea said that the song is about feeling like you used to be so far above and far away from feeling unhappy but now you are miserable and lonely. I interpret this lyric in a similar way: the feeling that you are suddenly drowning when you were always able to float before.

Have you ever seen her perform live?

I was fortunate enough to be able to see her perform live for the first time a few weeks ago, on the 23rd September 2019.

What song you would recommend to new listeners?

S.L.U.T. This is one of my favourite songs of Bea’s. It is both upbeat and catchy but also a feel-good song that screams body positivity and girl power. The song is inspired by an Instagram hater of Bea’s but is a song that most girls can relate to.

Who would you like to see a post on next?

10 thoughts on “Just Hannah Discovers: Bea Miller

    1. Same!! I remember when she first become ‘popular’ and how I loved her first EP but sadly her fame has faded since then (or seemingly). But she is still producing killer music! xx


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