2019 In Review

Once of my favourite types of videos to watch are Year In Review videos where someone recaps their year using footage obtained from throughout the year. Since it is officially the end of 2019, I thought I would write a post summarising and reflecting back on 2019. You can read my 2017 Year In Review here and my 2018 Year In Review here.


January consisted of my first ever Veganuary which consists of eating plant-based as much as possible during the month of January. I actually impressed myself by eating plant-based the entire month except for a slice of my own birthday cake and am excited to participate again next year.

January is also my birthday month. I was fortunate enough to once again have two birthday celebrations this year: one with my boyfriend and family and one with my best friends. On my actual birthday, Thursday 10th January, my boyfriend and I both had the day off work so we started the day by having pancakes for breakfast at Where The Pancakes Are followed by bouldering, drinks at a cocktail bar where we proceeded to get quite drunk and dinner at my favourite vegan pub, The Blacksmith and Toffeemaker. Two days later, on Saturday 12th January, I met up with my two best friends, Anna and Grace, for dinner at Bill’s. You can read about my 22nd birthday celebrations here.


February was a month of change. On February 1st, I officially moved out of my parent’s house and into a one bedroom flat with my boyfriend and then on February 25th, I officially transferred to one of the City clinics in my job as a Clinical Receptionist at a sports medical company.

March & April

March and April were both fairly uneventful months. I was working full-time at my new job and continuing to unpack and shop for the new flat. I went to two gigs: Dodie and Sarah Close who were both incredible. I am definitely more a fan of intimate standing venues over larger seated venues, even if your feet do get sore after a while!

At the end of March, my two best friends, Anna and Grace, and I went to Liverpool for the weekend as a mini girls’ holiday. Since Anna has moved to Oxford for work, we do not get to see her as often as we would like to so we do treasure the time we get to spend together. Liverpool was beautiful: I loved the architecture of all the buildings and the view of the waterfront and we ate a lot of incredible food. You can read about our weekend in Liverpool here.


Sunday 3rd May 2019 was my boyfriend Tom and I’s one year anniversary and we celebrated by visiting Snowdonia in Wales where we successfully hiked Mount Snowdon. My best friend and University flatmate Ffion lives there who I had not seen since we graduated from University almost a year ago so it was lovely to catch up with her, especially since she had met Tom during our first date exactly a year ago! You can read the blog post about Snowdonia here.

May was also the month in which Tom and I adopted our hamster, Harriet. I have wanted a hamster for as long as I can remember so when I moved out, I knew I wanted to adopt one. She sleeps all day which is perfect for us as we both work full-time and then she wakes up in the evenings in time for us to play with her.


On Saturday 8th June, Grace and I attended Capital’s Summertime Ball. What I love about the Summertime and Jingle Bell Ball is that a variety of artists perform so no matter what your musical taste, there will be at least one artist that you like performing. Some of my favourites included Maroon 5, the Jonas Brothers, Halsey, 5 Seconds of Summer and Busted.

The following day was Tom’s 24th birthday. We had previously celebrated by hosting a flat party on the Friday evening for all of his friends and Tom was ‘surprised’ with his favourite birthday cake, the Narwhal.


July was the month that my family, boyfriend, boyfriend’s mum and I finally went to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. Having been a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies and books growing up, I was excited to see how they were going to be able to portray all of the magic in a play. The production itself was very well executed but the theatre was very cramped and overheated so the experience was not as enjoyable as I had previously hoped for.


On the 17th August, Grace and I attended the London Dessert Festival, a celebration of London’s dessert community. The Festival turned out to be a combination of stalls from some of London’s top dessert companies who each had their own way of promoting their products from ball pits to donut walls to raffles. It was every bloggers’ dream with good food and lots of Instagram and blog worthy sets. You can read my blog post about the Festival here.

On the 20th August, Tom and I had a date night where we visited a 1940s cocktail bar, Cahoots, that had been recommended to me by a work colleague. The bar is situated in a disused underground station and is set in post-war London with underground signs and maps located on the walls. I would highly recommend visiting this bar if you are ever in London but would advise booking ahead.


On the 31st August, my family, Tom and I flew to Athens, Greece for our annual family holiday. Athens was beautiful and there was so much to see and do. Some of my favourite activities included: hiking the Areopagus Hill, hiking the Lycabettus Hill and the road trip we took around the coast of southern Attica. You can read my blog post here about our adventures in Athens.


In October my work place opened on a Saturday in order to raise money for CALM by offering treatment in exchange for donations. Earlier this year, one of the clinicians took his own life so the fundraiser was held in his memory to help other men and women who are struggling with their mental health. It was a success and we raised over Β£5000 for the cause.

At the end of October, my boyfriend and I visited a local Pumpkin Patch with the hopes of recreating a few popular Instagram photos. However, all of the pumpkins were covered in mud and the place was crowded with families trying to pick a pumpkin for Halloween so the trip itself was a failure. America is definitely the place to be for Pumpkin Patch photos!


In November, Tom and I flew to Bergen, Norway for a week. At the start of November, I realised that I had 16 days of Annual Leave to take before the end of the year and there were fairly cheap flights to Bergen on offer so we decided to take a spontaneous trip. Bergen was beautiful, albeit expensive and cold, and I would highly recommend visiting if you get the opportunity. You can read about our trip here.


On the 4th December, Grace and I visited Kew Gardens for their Christmas at Kew event. This was essentially a light trail accompanied by festive music and stalls at the middle and end of the trail selling hot food and drink. It was obviously a popular attraction as there always seemed to be a crowd at each of the light displays but we managed to get a few Instagram-worthy photos.

The following weekend, Grace and I headed into Oxford to celebrate Friendmas with Anna. For the past few years, we have celebrated Friendmas by eating Christmas leftovers and re-watching that year’s Vlogmas at Grace’s house so this year we were excited to try something new. Anna made us a delicious roast dinner with a red onion, feta and sweet potato galette, roast potatoes and roasted vegetables. We exchanged presents and visited the Oxford Christmas Market, which sold very similar items to the stalls at Winter Wonderland!

This Christmas, we did the opposite of last year by spending Christmas morning at my parents’ house and having Christmas lunch at my Aunt’s house before driving down to Tom’s mum’s house for Christmas Evening. I was once again spoiled with presents from both families.

And that is my 2019! I hope you have enjoyed reading my recap of the year. What has been your highlight of this year? 

16 thoughts on “2019 In Review

  1. Ahh I love this! So nice to be able to look back on everything you’ve gotten up to over the year, that’s why I love having a blog so much because it means I’m able to click back over each month and have a look at what was going on in my life at that time. Looks like you had an amazing year !! I hope 2020 is equally as good to you .xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed, I love scrolling through my blog and seeing everything I got up to over the past year. Definitely makes me feel more accomplished for sure!
      Hope you had a lovely 2019 and Happy New Year to you! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks like you had an amazing year and all of the travelling you done is great! Its so nice looking back on each monthly event and reflecting on them. I hope this year is just as fabulous honey. Happy new year!xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved reading about your year – it seems like it was a year full of positive change for you and that made me so happy to read! I am kind of impressed that you were still able to recall all of the dates hahaha xx

    PS. THE NAME HARRIET IS PERFECT FOR A HAMSTER!!! What is Harriet’s personality like? Does she have a sassy side as well (for some reason I picture her like that lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I actually use a calendar throughout the year to record my events so I just go back through the calendar and get the dates from there, I don’t remember all of the dates do not worry!
      Haha thank you! I loved the alliteration! She is very sleepy, she somehow manages to sleep most of the day and is only awake 11 pm till 5 am (not sure if this is normal) but they do say your pets take after you and I love my sleep too so… She definitely will let you know if she does not like you, she definitely prefers me to my boyfriend!! ;P xx

      Liked by 1 person

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