The Best Friend Tag

Out of all the collaborations that I have planned for this month, I think today’s is probably one of the posts that I am most excited for and the one that I have been waiting the longest to post. Most of you will know my real life and blogger best friend Grace and today’s collaboration… Continue reading The Best Friend Tag


A Week in My Life in Pictures

We are officially halfway through June and therefore halfway through my Collaboration month – I hope you have been enjoying all the posts so far. This is my fifth post in the series and it is a collaboration post with Ann-Kathrin who has a lifestyle blog featuring a range of posts from baking, beauty and… Continue reading A Week in My Life in Pictures

15 Things to Include on Your Summer Bucket-list

I recently uploaded a post listing 10 things I want to do this summer but since all of the items of the list are personal to me and I am aware that not all of my followers live in London, I wanted to upload a second bucket-list listing 15 things you should have on your… Continue reading 15 Things to Include on Your Summer Bucket-list

5 Life Lessons Learnt from Blair Waldorf

As some of you may know, I recently re-watched the entire six seasons of Gossip Girl. I definitely agree that you can learn something new from the show every time you re-watch it and depending on how old you are when you do so, depends on what lessons you take away. When I first watched… Continue reading 5 Life Lessons Learnt from Blair Waldorf

Inspired by Hannah Dains

If you live in England then you would have noticed the sudden increase in warm weather recently. Whilst I adore the warm weather because I am tired of wearing a coat every time I need to run an errand, with the warm weather also comes my final year exams. Personally I find that whenever I… Continue reading Inspired by Hannah Dains