Lessons Learnt In 2019

2019, as with any year that has passed, consisted of both high and low moments. At the start of the year I celebrated my 22nd birthday surrounded by friends and family, moved into a one bedroom flat with my boyfriend and got offered a promotion at my current job. I travelled to two new countries, attended seven concerts and visited two new places in the … Continue reading Lessons Learnt In 2019

15 Things to Include on Your Summer Bucket-list

I recently uploaded a post listing 10 things I want to do this summer but since all of the items of the list are personal to me and I am aware that not all of my followers live in London, I wanted to upload a second bucket-list listing 15 things you should have on your bucket-list this summer. Disclaimer: This post was meant to be … Continue reading 15 Things to Include on Your Summer Bucket-list