A Week in My Life in Pictures

We are officially halfway through June and therefore halfway through my Collaboration month – I hope you have been enjoying all the posts so far. This is my fifth post in the series and it is a collaboration post with Ann-Kathrin who has a lifestyle blog featuring a range of posts from baking, beauty and… Continue reading A Week in My Life in Pictures


My Summer Bucket-list

Whilst Christmas will always be my favourite Holiday, Summer will always be my favourite Season. I am one of those people who hate being cold but also hates being sunburnt and having to apply sun-cream every five minutes so the English Summer is perfect for me! When I think back to my favourite Summer so… Continue reading My Summer Bucket-list

Beautycon London 2017

Last December, my best friend Grace and I attended our first ever Beautycon. For those of you who don't know, Beautycon is a one day event that brings together content creators, celebrities, fans and brands, all united by their love of make-up. Although we had gone to Beautycon last year, we were not prepared for… Continue reading Beautycon London 2017