A Month of Gratitude

It is officially the start of June and we are almost halfway through the year. It is insane how quickly time has passed – it feels like only yesterday I was on a flight back from New York City on New Year’s Day! I am excited for all that June has to offer but especially… Continue reading A Month of Gratitude


Inspired by Hannah Dains

If you live in England then you would have noticed the sudden increase in warm weather recently. Whilst I adore the warm weather because I am tired of wearing a coat every time I need to run an errand, with the warm weather also comes my final year exams. Personally I find that whenever I… Continue reading Inspired by Hannah Dains

Spring Cleaning – Tips to Spring Clean Your Mind

Welcome to the third and final post in my mini Spring Cleaning series. Check out the first and second posts if you have not already. I have already covered both physical and digital spring cleaning and therefore the only category left is mental spring cleaning. Personally, this consists of a balance of letting go and… Continue reading Spring Cleaning – Tips to Spring Clean Your Mind