Letting Taylor Swift Predict My 2021: Part Two

If you read last week’s post then you will already know that this blog post is inspired by a TikTok trend that I discovered at the end of last year where you shuffle Taylor Swift’s entire discography to determine what your 2021 is going to be like. I uploaded my predictions for January through to June last week with my predictions for July through to December below.

July – End Game

I wanna be your endgame’

My interpretation of End Game is that it is about the start of a relationship where one party is declaring to the other that they are hopeful that this will be their last relationship because this is it for them, this is the person they want to be with forever. As someone who will be celebrating their three year anniversary with their boyfriend later this year, I am hopeful that I am already with my end-game!

August – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

‘Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change, trust me’

My interpretation of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is that it is about a relationship where the couple are constantly switching between being together and being separate and one party has decided that they have had enough – this is the final time that they are getting back together. This is a reminder to myself to not settle in a relationship, whether that is romantic or platonic, where I am never sure whether we are “on” or “off”. Although sometimes it can feel as if someone in your life is irreplaceable, the truth is that you will always be able to find another partner/friend who will likely be a more positive influence on your life.

September – Tolerate It

‘Now I’m begging for footnotes in the story of your life’

My interpretation of Tolerate It is that it is about a couple where one party is not being treated by the other party the way that they deserve to be. This reminder is similar to the one for August – to remember my worth and how I deserve to be treated and to never settle for a relationship where I am not treated how I deserve to be.

October – Tis The Damn Season

You could call me babe for the weekend’

My interpretation of Tis The Damn Season is that it is about a girl who left her small town to follow her Hollywood dreams, who is now back in her small town for the holidays where she rediscovers an old flame. This is a nostalgic song about what could have been, reiterated by the lyric ‘and the road not taken looks real good now.’ This is a reminder to take the time to reflect back on my life and choices that I have previously made in order to see how these choices have dictated the road that my life has taken. Only by doing this am I able to learn whether the choices that I made previously have changed my life for the better or worse.

November – You Belong With Me

‘Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time’

My interpretation of You Belong With Me is that it is about being in love with someone who is with someone else who does not appreciate them and how you know that they would be better off with you as you know them better than their partner does. This is a reminder to speak up if I feel like someone is being mistreated because often it is easier to recognise from an outside perspective. It can often feel easier to get out of a toxic relationship if you feel supported by those around you.

December – Delicate

‘Is it cool that I said all that?’

My interpretation of Delicate is that it is about the delicate state of a new relationship where you have to be careful to read each situation correctly so as not to scare away your love interest. The narrator wants to learn more about their new partner and for their relationship to grow deeper and is frustrated that they have to wait for it to grow naturally and organically. This is a reminder to myself to take my time in new friendships and not to rush those initial stages of getting to know each other as often those are the initial indicators of whether your personalities are compatible and whether your friendship is going to last.

What are your song predictions for the year?

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