Shopping For My Best Friend on Depop

On July 12th 2020, Maria Joynson (also known as mariajblogs) uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘Dressing My Friend‘ where she and her friend, Amy Astrid, purchased three outfits off of ASOS for each other. I was inspired by the idea and immediately messaged my best friend, Grace, to see if she would be down to let me shop for her. Grace loved the idea and we immediately started planning the collaboration. It was agreed that we would send each other five inspiration photos, off of which the other person would choose three outfits and then we would purchase one of the outfits. We decided to shop for the outfits on Depop because we are both trying to be more sustainable in our daily lives. Read Grace’s post here to see which outfit I ended up choosing or keep reading to see Grace’s outfit.

The Inspiration Photos:

Credit to Carrie Hope Fletcher and Sophie Foster

As you can see from the inspiration photos above, Grace was looking for a summery dress, which is not surprising seeing as it was July at the time. The dress had to be either short-sleeved or have spaghetti straps with a bright, colourful, floral design. Interestingly, Grace seemed to prefer knee-length or floor-length dresses whereas I definitely prefer more of a thigh-length dress similar to Sophie’s above.

The Options:

Despite being an app that only sells second-hand clothes, shopping at Depop is very similar to shopping at online retailers in that you can filter the search results to find exactly what you are looking for. I initially searched for floral summer dresses and then further filtered the results to midi and maxi dresses and dresses that were Grace’s size. After some scrolling, I eventually ended up choosing the three dresses above.

The Final Choice:

Grace ended up choosing the pink floral dress which, honestly, was my favourite too. She said that she loved the colour of the dress and the design on the top of the front of the dress. Since the dress was purchased from Depop, it is no longer available on New Look’s website, however, I have linked to a similar dress here.

Which dress would you have chosen?


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